When companies seek to change direction, including the creation of strategic and operational plans, engaging the best hearts and minds is essential.

Clients frequently work with Coombes Business Coaching as a catalyst for the expertise they have in-house; it can speed up integration of new teams, address team discord or simply support clarity in building a new direction, product or service.

Following an introductory meeting, there would typically be one or more group meetings with critical stakeholders; this may begin with a company/division-wide meeting to introduce the venture, and then move to meetings with decision makers and key influencers.

Accountability for actions resulting from the sessions will be documented with specific arrangements for follow-up, ensuring that defined objectives are met.

Coombes Business Coaching has access to corporate psychological services via a partner practice – The Mitchell Practice. This partner would be introduced to the team where characteristics of the group dynamic indicate the need for further insight.

Visit The Mitchell Practice website at www.mitchellpractice.co.uk

“Richard is a Force of Nature in service of my business objectives”

“Richard’s C-level experience of organisational design, company culture and succession planning enabled him to credibly challenge my view of my own business. In the space of a half day meeting, Richard provided me with an injection of new thinking which resulted in a three month organisational redesign project. The impact of this project has been far reaching: more efficient business processes, a workforce with greater clarity about their roles and responsibilities and much greater autonomy for the management team without a loss of control by the CEO.

Without Richard’s input, this would not have been possible. Richard’s probing, no holds barred style allowed him to take me out of my comfort zone which led to valuable advice being delivered quickly (I do not have all day for executive coaching and Richard is respectful of this). Finally, unlike other Executive Coaches Richard understands his remit and sticks to it.

Richard, well done. I was sceptical about the role that a consultant such as you could play for me and you have added real value to the business. I cannot recommend your services highly enough to CEOs who are humble enough to know there is always a lot to learn and who are serious about maximising the value of their businesses.

Great job and keep up the good work.”

CEO – Lenstore.co.uk

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