Individual Coaching & Cooking

The professional kitchen is a good metaphor for many businesses: The right ingredients, the best-suited talent and the best-selected processes, delivering the greatest product to exceed clients’ expectations in a controlled timeframe.

This option includes a practical cooking session. The candidate is simply given a recipe and ingredients, and can use the coach as their assistant.

Rather than testing cooking skill, this exercise highlights planning, flexibility, communication and attention to detail. Using this different context often results in new insights into powerful characteristics already in play for the candidate in their business environment.

The cooking session concludes with the coach facilitating a discussion which deepens the candidates understanding of their behaviour and links this back to their corporate success.

“The cooking and coaching session highlighted the power of some things I often do at work – and at home for that matter. It was a great way to show me how I am by using a real time-limited situation.”

Managing Director – Dallas Office Professional Services Firm.

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