Executive Coaching

How does it work?

Candidates spend time with a coach, one-on-one, allowing them to identify and then develop awareness of, and expand their capabilities in areas vital to their professional success.

The coach will use inductive or question-based techniques designed to expose the candidateā€™s understanding of themselves and the impact they have on others. Options include 360 Coaching, Coaching & Cooking and Induction Coaching.

Typically managed over a three or six month period, the coach will meet with the employer and the coaching candidate to discuss programme objectives. These will be coordinated with the performance goals set within the organization, which will be used at the end of the programme to assess progress.

Usually there will be two, one hour meetings per month between the coach and the candidate with a commitment to significant reflection experimentation with new behaviours between sessions.

Meetings are held in person, via Tele Conferencing, Skype technology or telephone; all are highly effective.

Coombes Business Coaching clients typically travel as part of their roles and may be based in any time zone to participate in the coaching programme.

Coombes Business CoachingĀ provides candidates with active support and an opportunity for intense reflection and concerted action when entering a new role or when demands of their role expand quickly.

Typically, material from in-house recruitment, assessment and performance appraisal systems would be a starting point for clarification of development areas.

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